Investment casting is better with plastic

Thanks to our partner Pam Szmara, we can do some amazing things with Investment casting.  The enclosed picture shows a plaumbing part that is being cast in Aluminium.  The surface detail is excellent, the plastic is both durable and less susceptable to breakage or error, but completely burns out.  Best of all we can go from CAD to finished form off the printer. 

Investment casting has always produced great quality parts but the wax was difficult and easy to break.  Now we can help you make a great part, with a more durable form, that raises efficency and naturally makes better parts.



If you  make cast parts, contact me for more information how we can improve the process for you.

The Race Car Factory Additive Manufacturing has a number of  Additive manufacturing processes, including, Polyjet, Laser Metal Deposition, Ceramic, and powder Bed.  We can take you from napkin to finished product.  Contact me for more information