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1.80 gear set

When your ready to be serious !

Welcome to the RCF 1.80 Powerglide Planetary Gear Set catalog page. We at  RCF offer 1.80 Gear Sets for powerglide applications, that represent the very best in “performance” and “reliability”.                                                                                          Because our quality control standards are “best” in the industry, we manufacture only the “highest” caliber Powerglide Planetary Gear Sets. Our goal is always to deliver “the best parts at the best possible price”.

         We at RCF are the Originators of the                     “1.80 Powerglide Planetary Gear Sets”.

 New LOWER   prices on all       gear sets !    

We will NEVER use  inferior material  to increase our profit !

1.80 Powerglide Planetary gear set (gears w/r/ring gear - E9310C steel straight cut) “also includes stock flange welded”:

Part # 100180pgo

List Price: $1,500.50

Order phone # 440-543-2590

Racers Net: $658.50

We gladly accept  

Please call for shipping cost

Below is a list of contents for the 1.80 PP Gear Set:

Reverse Ring

Stock Flange

1.80 Powerglide Planetary gears

1.80 Powerglide Planetary gears

1.80 Powerglide Planetary gears

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance !

     We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard.       Please call 440-543-2590 to place an order.

We gladly accept

All 1.80 complete gear sets come with a Two year warranty against breakage !

* Our gears are machined out of “top of the line” E9310C Steel  aircraft quality AMS 6260 Hardened Steel !

* Stronger 12 diametrical pitch tooth !

* Over 20,000 gear sets sold !

* All heat treating is held to the highest repeatability standards in the industry.

* Originators of the strongest 1.80 Powerglide gears.

* Strongest gear set available !

* 1.80 gear set recommended up to 3,000 hp !

* RCF also offers individual components to complete your Powerglide transmission !

* RCF is the “official supplier of Powerglide 1.80 gear sets” to companies     such as Hipsters BrakeATD & Griner Transmissions.        

* For more information or to “place an order”, please call us at 440-543-2590 or contact us via email at rcfmfg@windstream.net from 9am-5pm est.

All of the items listed above are currently in-stock and can be shipped ,via UPS to your location. There will be standard shipping charges applied. 

Order phone # 440-543-2590

We look forward to serving you and providing a proven performance product !

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