* The Race Car Factory is a design,engineering,and manufacturing company that supplies parts for the hardcore racing sector and street performance sector.

* The Race Car Factory manufactures only top of the line powerglide planetary carriers and gears for the racers who want reliability .

* The Race Car Factory offers complete in house chassis and race car fabrication.

When your ready to be serious !

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 1.80 & 1.76 Powerglide Planetary Gear Sets

Shortblocks or Complete Longblocks

GM 355 ci

Ford 347 ci

Chrysler 408 ci

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Order phone # 440-543-2590

** NEW **

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RCF offers professional performance upgrades for all makes of Trucks

We gladly accept

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** NEW **

RCF would like to introduce the newest additions for our Ford customers.....1967 & 1968 Shelby GT500 Hoods. Designed to replace the stock 2007 Shelby GT500 factory hood.



Headers & Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

Street to Performance

GM, Ford, Chrysler Available

2005-07 Mustang GT Headers & Complete Exhaust

1985-2006 Corvette Headers & Complete Exhaust

2005-07 Charger  Headers & Complete Exhaust

2004-06 GTO Headers & Complete Exhaust


We gladly accept

We gladly accept

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 The Race Car Factory

1.80 Powerglide Planetary Gear Set  w/2 year warranty

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RCF offers professional performance upgrades for all makes of Imports




We gladly accept

* S.F.I Certified

* Customs                  Installations

* Mustang GT,            Bullitt, Cobra

* Mopar Hemi

* Corvette

* Hummer

* Trucks/SUV

* Viper


* Camaro

* Firebird

* Subcompacts

* Vintage

* Tuner Kits

* Carburated             Supercharging      Systems

When your ready to be            serious !

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